How To Use A Magnetic Drilling Machine

Before learning how to use a magnetic drilling machine, it is necessary to comprehend what the tool is. It is also referred to as a magnetic drill press, a magnetic drill, and portable drilling equipment. The portable magnetic drilling machine is equipped with a cutting tool attachment and an electromagnetic base. The tool includes a twist drill bit, an annular cutter, a milling cutter, a rotary cutter, and so on. It features a reversible motor and variable speed control for tapping, countersinking, and reaming operations. It is also equipped with a cross-table base for milling. It is utilized for piercing metals. One of its significant benefits is that it can be used to drill holes in remote locations, so the user does not need to transport the work site to the machine.

Why Use A Magnetic Drill?

Initially, magnetic drills were created for construction companies to drill many holes in existing structural steel, such as I-beams. They are more stable and simpler to use than hand-held drills, as well as more accurate and faster at cutting large-diameter holes.

When you need to drill with precision and consistency in tough materials, a magnetic drill will provide you with the precision and efficiency you need. Magnetic drills have a strong electromagnetic base that allows them to adhere to a surface of carbon steel (ferrous metal) when turned on. Beneficial in construction, magnetic drills can be positioned to drill horizontally, vertically, or aloft.

A Brief Introduction on Using Magnetic Drilling Machines

  • Choose the proper drill bit for the material to be drilled.
  • Select the appropriate ejector pin for the length of the cutter.
  • Insert the cutter into the machine's chuck and properly tighten the fasteners.
  • Move the machine towards the mark where the hole will be drilled, and using the pilot pin, locate the mark by placing the pin's point on the mark.
  • The magnetic drilling machine's magnet switch must be activated after the machine has been positioned on the intended hole's mark. Verify that the magnet indicator is glowing GREEN. If the magnet indicator glows RED, there is insufficient material below the magnet for optimal adhesion. In an optimal situation, the minimum drillable material thickness is 8 mm (5/16 inches)
  • Fill the reservoir with lubricant. Never operate the machine without oil.
  • Turn ON the knob for the coolant reservoir on the magnetic drill press.
  • When drilling with annular cutters, you must use internal lubrication and external lubrication if the thickness exceeds 50 mm.
  • Engage the motor switch of the magnetic drill press and initiate slow feed drilling. Do not impact the material with the cutter.
  • Start drilling with a constant, consistent feed rate. A feed rate that is too slow or too rapid will damage the annular cutter.
  • Check to see if lubricant is escaping. Utilize a great deal of lubricant for success.
  • Putting excessive force on the feed handle will not speed up the drilling process; instead, it will cause the annular cutters to shatter.
  • Drill with less pressure and a steady feed for optimal results and prolonged cutter life.
  • When cutting deep cavities, you should use reverse feed to prevent the formation of long chips.
  • After drilling, clean the work area with the proper cleaning implement to prevent accidents.

The above instructions will result in flawlessly finished holes in less time and with a longer lifespan for both the cutter and the machine.

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